axis of twist

axis of twist
ось кручения; ось жесткости; упругая ось

Авиасловарь. . 2004.

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  • twist — [twist] vt. [ME twisten < OE twist, a rope (in mæst twist, rope to stay a mast), akin to TWAIN, TWINE, ON tvistra, to separate, Ger zwist, a quarrel < IE * duis , apart < base * dwōu , TWO] 1. a) to wind (two or more threads or strands)… …   English World dictionary

  • Twist rate — is a gun term that refers to the rate of twist of a gun barrel s rifling grooves.Fact|date=February 2007It is usually expressed as a ratio of one twist per n inches or centimeters.For example, a 1:7 twist rate means one complete rotation in… …   Wikipedia

  • Twist — Twist, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Twisted}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Twisting}.] [OE. twisten, AS. twist a rope, as made of two (twisted) strands, fr. twi two; akin to D. twist a quarrel, dissension, G. zwist, Dan. & Sw. tvist, Icel. twistr the deuce in cards …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • twist — twistable, adj. twistability, n. twistedly, adv. twistingly, adv. /twist/, v.t. 1. to combine, as two or more strands or threads, by winding together; intertwine. 2. to form by or as if by winding strands together: Several fibers were used to… …   Universalium

  • twist — /twɪst / (say twist) verb (t) 1. to combine, as two or more strands or threads, by winding together; intertwine. 2. to combine or associate intimately. 3. to form by or as by winding strands together. 4. to entwine (one thing) with or in another; …  

  • twist — {{11}}twist (n.) mid 14c., flat part of a hinge, probably from O.E. twist (in mæsttwist mast rope, stay; candeltwist wick ), from P.Gmc. *TWIS (Cf. twis ), from root of TWO (Cf. two). Original senses suggest dividing in two (Cf. cognate O.N.… …   Etymology dictionary

  • twist — verb 1》 form into a bent, curled, or distorted shape.     ↘turn or bend round or into a different direction.     ↘force or be forced out of the natural position by twisting: he twisted his ankle playing tennis. 2》 rotate around something that… …   English new terms dictionary

  • twist — v. & n. v. 1 a tr. change the form of by rotating one end and not the other or the two ends in opposite directions. b intr. undergo such a change; take a twisted position (twisted round in his seat). c tr. wrench or pull out of shape with a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • twist — (lay)    The direction of twist in yarns is indicated by the capital letters S and Z. Yarn has an S twist if when it is held vertically, the spirals around its central axis slope in the same direction as the middle portion of the letter S, and Z… …   Forensic science glossary

  • twist dive — noun : a competitive diving category including those dives in which the body from a standing or running approach rotates around both a transverse and a longitudinal axis compare back dive, front dive, inward dive, reverse dive * * * twist dive, a …   Useful english dictionary

  • twist of rifling —    Inclination of the spiral grooves (rifling) to the axis of the bore of a weapon; it is expressed as the number of calibers of length in which the rifling makes one complete turn …   Forensic science glossary

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